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Adrenal Fatigue Treatment Diet: Everything You Need to Know

December 14, 2022
Adrenal Fatigue Treatment Diet: Everything You Need to Know

Do you ever feel like you're just constantly tired? No matter how much sleep you get, you still don't have the energy to get through the day. Well, you might be suffering from adrenal fatigue. 

Fortunately, there are treatments available that can help. Not to worry, we'll discuss available treatment options. So if you're feeling run down and exhausted, stay tuned – we've got some good news.

Organ Meat

Most proteins come from muscular meats (chicken breasts, chicken thighs, turkey legs, flank steak, etc.). However, if you overlook organ meats, you lose several critical nutrients.

Organ meats, particularly the liver, are rich in vitamin B12, zinc, and vitamin D, which your body needs to handle stress and operate. They are clearly an acquired taste, but the advantages are too many to ignore.

Vitamin Infusions

IV vitamin treatment, also known as IV infusions, has been shown to provide patients with the capacity to recuperate from the vitality-sapping symptoms of adrenal fatigue. This is especially true if you live a stressful lifestyle. Oftentimes, you end up adopting unhealthy eating habits.

This can prevent your body from obtaining optimal nutrients. Luckily, IV therapy infuses nutrients and vitamins directly into circulation. It bypasses the GI system, so nothing gets broken down. That means you reap the full benefits of what the infusion can offer.

Leafy Greens

Make sure you consume a lot of leafy greens to help you recover from adrenal exhaustion. Magnesium is abundant in spinach, kale, and Swiss chard, among other leafy green foods.

Magnesium is essential for many bodily processes, and it also plays a crucial role in helping you relax and handle stress more effectively. If you have difficulty falling asleep, you may be low on this essential mineral.

Consume Food Within an Hour After Waking

Eat your first meal within an hour of waking up to prevent a dramatic decrease in blood sugar levels.

Avoid Process Food

One of the main causes of stress is consuming significant amounts of processed foods, which your body has difficulty digesting. By eliminating them, you facilitate the recovery of your adrenal glands to their original form.


Asparagus is another nutritious vegetable that should be consumed often. It's high in sulfur and includes folate. If you have low folate levels, you may be susceptible to neurotransmitter problems. This might result in hormonal abnormalities that increase the symptoms of adrenal fatigue.


In addition to getting adequate Protein, you should also consume enough healthy fat to aid your body's recovery system. A low-fat diet is not always a good option for people with hormonal difficulties such as adrenal fatigue. 

After all, hormone production requires fat and cholesterol. Avocados are rich in monounsaturated fats and fiber, which helps the body cleanse and digest meals more effectively.

Refrain from Extreme Exercise

It is essential to engage in low-impact exercise while battling adrenal fatigue. High-impact activity can cause stress on the body, which makes it more difficult for the adrenal glands to recover. Consider yoga, Pilates, or speed walking.

Fresh Air

Fresh air from a walk in the park is also an effective stress management and relaxation method. Get out in nature. Take slow, deep breaths, and calm down.

Sea Salt

Person gathering salt

When suffering from adrenal fatigue, do not scrimp on the salt. Many individuals with this condition have electrolyte abnormalities. This occurs from a low level of the steroid hormone aldosterone.

Including a substantial amount of sea salt in your diet can assist in balancing your electrolytes and alleviate some of your symptoms (especially those related to blood pressure).

Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds are an excellent plant-based source of zinc, which is crucial for treating adrenal fatigue and may also boost thyroid function. In addition, they are rich in magnesium, Vitamin B, and vitamin E.

Vitamin B 5

Vitamin B5 can help regulate hormones and alleviate adrenal exhaustion symptoms.

Get Lots of Sleep

On average, adults should get around 7-9 hours of sleep every night. 

Lack of sleep is another source of physical stress. Your cortisol levels will increase, and your adrenal glands will work overtime. More sleep will reduce cortisol levels and normalize adrenal function.


Proteins, such as organic turkey, contain tryptophan. This helps calm the body, decrease stress, and lower cortisol levels, alleviating adrenal fatigue.

No Caffeine

Coffee is one of the primary causes of adrenal fatigue. It causes your cortisol levels to increase by prompting your adrenal glands to produce an excessive amount, leading to fatigue.


Magnesium-rich foods, such as fatty fish, avocado, legumes, and leafy greens, promote adrenal gland health. They do this by regulating hormone production levels and reducing the symptoms of adrenal exhaustion.

Organic Veggies

Organic vegetables contain antioxidants, fiber, vitamins, and minerals to help promote healthy adrenal glands. Therefore, it is essential to ingest at least six servings every day.

Consume Half Your Weight

Ensure you consume about half of your body weight in ounces of filtered water daily. For example, if you weigh 150 pounds, you should drink 75 ounces of water.

Bath in Epsom Salt

On numerous levels, an Epsom salt bath helps repair and mend the adrenal glands. Soaking in an Epsom salt bath a few times each week can reduce stress levels and cortisol production, preventing adrenal exhaustion. 

Magnesium levels are the first to decline under stressful situations. Use one cup of Epsom salt every bath to restore your magnesium levels.

Relax and Meditate

woman meditating

It cannot be emphasized enough that stress is the leading cause of adrenal exhaustion; thus, relaxation should precede everything else. Use essential oils, take slow and deep belly breaths, and meditate to reduce stress levels and restore your adrenal glands.

Final Thoughts

The adrenal glands are responsible for producing essential hormones like cortisol and adrenaline. When these hormones are released in response to stress, they help the body cope with daily life's demands. However, when the body is constantly exposed to stressful situations without time for recovery, the adrenal glands can get overworked, eventually leading to adrenal fatigue. 

While there is no one-size-fits-all cure for this condition, you can do a few things to promote healing and reduce stress levels. Eating healthy foods, getting enough sleep, and reducing stress are all essential steps in recovering from adrenal fatigue. 

If you have experienced this condition, feel free to share your tips in the comments below. Thanks for reading!

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Dr. Hilda Wong, MD

My name is Dr. Hilda Wong, MD, graduated from Avalon University School of Medicine. I have over 5 years of medical externship experience and a published researcher on PubMed. I'm also a health and nutrition enthusiast and have written several blogs and magazines in these areas. Forgot to mention that I own a Toy Australian Shepherd and a Betta Fish, and have an amazing zest for life, fashion, health, nutrition, and pets.

Dr. Hilda Wong, MD