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Different Types of Braids to Renovate Your Hairstyle

January 15, 2023
Different Types of Braids to Renovate Your Hairstyle

If you often find yourself perusing through fashion magazines, browsing Instagram, or watching the latest runway shows for that perfect hairstyle inspiration, we totally understand! After all, we ladies love to rock some trendy looks and switch up our style game. And when it comes to new hairstyles and changes, there's no better way than by trying a unique braid design.

Braids are more than just a protective styling option and can make any ordinary look even more chic. So if you want to jazz up your everyday hairdo in an effortless yet glamorous way, then we got some beauty hacks for you. Check out these different types of braids that will transform your regular hairdo into something extraordinary!

French Braid

A French braid helps you change the traditional braid into a beautiful style that stays in place all day. Start at the top of the head, divide a tiny portion of hair around the forehead into three sections.

As you braid towards the nape of your neck, you will add a little section of hair to the side strand each time you cross it over the central strand. Repeat this process until you reach the nape of your neck. Finish the length of your hair using a traditional braiding method.

Don’t forget to pair your new french braid with some amazing nail designs. This and a fashionable outfit, and you are ready to dominate the party.

Three-Strand Braid

This is one of the most popular braid styles, which may be worn in various ways. This braided hairstyle is suitable for all hairstyles, regardless of texture. It is easy to recreate, just comb your hair carefully to eliminate tangles and knots. 

Then divide your hair into three equal parts. You'll need to separate three strands of your hair, holding two in your left hand and one in your right. Now, cross the strand in your left hand. Then cross the strand in your right hand, and lay it underneath the strand in your right hand. 

After that, take the hair strand on the right, cross it over the strand you just put in your right hand, and place it in your left hand under the other stand. Continue until you reach the desired length, then secure your braid with a hairband or elastic. 

Dutch Braid

Consider this braid to be a more elaborate variant of the French braid. It is sure to get at least one person to inquire about your hair care routine. Follow the identical techniques as outlined before for French braiding, except you will pass the side strand of hair beneath the main strand each time. Like French braiding, add hair as you braid back and down.

Double-Bun Braid

If you want to make a distinctive hairstyle with both ponytails and buns, opt for this one. Double-braid buns look fantastic on everyone. In addition, they are ideal for the summer since the hair is slicked back. Additionally, double-bun braids are easy to create and soft on hair.

Pull Through Braid

What is the finest aspect of this striking ponytail braid? It doesn't even involve braiding, so if you're still learning to do styles like a French braid, you can easily pull this off in a few minutes at home. You will need a pack of tiny, transparent elastics to start.

Begin by pulling your hair into a half-up style and securing the first portion with an elastic band. Work your way down to make the pull-through braid by separating sections of hair into halves, wrapping them around most of your hair, and attaching them with elastics.

Crown Braid


The crown braid is one of the several braiding techniques that appear elegant. It will make you feel as if you are always wearing a tiara. Once you've mastered this style, you'll be able to create it in a matter of seconds, despite its initial complexity. In this braiding method, you may make a dazzling appearance by allowing a few strands of hair to drape down your face.


Fishtail Braid


There will be no sugarcoating. This requires some practice. For your first attempt, practice with a low-side ponytail to check for improvements. Once you feel comfortable, try performing a typical low braid without putting your hair into a low ponytail.


To create a fishtail braid, divide your hair into two equal portions, half and half. Then, you will drag the little outermost piece over to the other side. You will alternate between the two sides until you reach the base of your hair.


Crooked Braids


In comparison to other braiding methods for curly hair, this one takes the cake since it is both attractive and voluminizing. These thin braids resemble French braids in that they are weaved as horizontal stripes down the length of the head.


These braids may be pulled back into a ponytail or even used to create an updo parallel to the nape of the neck.


Waterfall Braid

waterfall braids
Image from The Trend Spotter

Please accept our apologies, but describing how to create this braid is more difficult than brain surgery. A waterfall braid will attract attention at whatever party, wedding, or special event you attend later this year. This hairstyle uses the French braid method, flips it horizontally, and allows sections of hair to cascade down through the braid like a waterfall.

You wouldn't be chasing waterfalls with this braid and an awesome facial contour, it will chase you.

Bob Braids

There is no such thing as a lousy bob haircut. It is manageable and offers a sense of fullness. Bob braids may be created by putting a conventional 3-strand braid to the side of your bob and securing your hair with a charming clip. 

Rope Braid

Sometimes doing an elaborate braid makes us want to throw a five-year-old-style tantrum. And on such occasions, you may always weave a rope. It is as simple as pie and looks considerably cooler than a standard ponytail.

Start by pulling and tying your hair into a high ponytail. Then, divide the hair into two halves and twist each portion toward the outside. In other words, both will be wrenched away from one another. As both twists tighten, proceed to twist the two halves together without allowing either side to relax or unravel.

Lace Braid 

A lace braid is one of the greatest braiding designs for black hair since it closely mimics the French braid. This is a standard one-sided French braid since the pieces are only applied to one side. This style looks fantastic on those who want to grow out front bangs or layers.

Final Thoughts

beautiful long braids

Whether it is for fun or special occasions, different types of braids make a great hairstyle choice. From the sophisticated French braid to an edgy Dutch and even the fanciful crown, you can look stylish yet still feel comfortable with these beautiful braiding ideas. 

Make sure to keep your hair moisturized before braiding to prevent dryness, frizziness, and split ends. If you have already tried any of these braids before, don't hesitate to tell us about your experience! What was your favorite? Are there any other tips that we should take note of? 

So why not try out one of these braids today and rock a whole new hairstyle? Let's see what creative experts you can become with the help of our blog post!

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