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Do Mushroom Coffee Benefits Really Exist or Is This a Joke?

January 22, 2023
Do Mushroom Coffee Benefits Really Exist or Is This a Joke?

Do you find yourself dragging throughout your day? Is it becoming increasingly difficult to focus on the task at hand because of constant exhaustion and low energy? You may need a new way to energize yourself, something that will boost productivity in a healthy and safe way.

Try mushroom coffee; it might be what you're looking for! Unlike regular coffee, mushroom coffee contains barely any caffeine – so it won't leave you feeling wired or jittery. Plus, its many additional health benefits offer an unbeatable boost: improved focus and clarity, boosted immunity, fewer cravings…the list goes on! So keep reading to learn more about how this wonderful beverage could help improve your overall well-being. 

Adds Nutrients

A teaspoon of mushroom powder can provide nutritional advantages when added to coffee. Powder prepared from dried, whole-food mushrooms, including mycelium can offer a low-calorie supply of protein, B vitamins, and minerals. Don't get us started with the abundance of bioactive chemicals that support the body's homeostatic equilibrium.

Less Caffeine Than Regular Coffee

Mushroom coffee blends contain less caffeine than traditional coffee. Caffeine is a psychoactive stimulant found naturally in foods such as coffee beans, cocoa beans, and tea leaves. 

Pregnant or breastfeeding women, children, and those with underlying cardiac problems are more likely to experience caffeine's unfavorable side effects and should consume it cautiously. Mayo Clinic states that it’s ok to consume up to 400 milligram of caffeine, but anything more will lead to side effects.

In this situation, you may suffer anxiety, high heart rate, stomach discomfort, and other adverse effects while consuming less caffeine.

Mushroom coffee is often made by combining mushroom powder with ground coffee beans. Due to the absence of caffeine in mushroom powder, this healthy beverage has just half as much caffeine as a normal cup of joe.

Facilitates Brain Function

women drinking coffee and listening to the phone

People begin their day with a cup of coffee to energize their morning. Mushroom coffee is an excellent way to enhance your morning ritual with bioactive components that promote the cranium. This nootropic mushroom supports healthy brain function, including memory, concentration, and clarity, so you can conquer creatively and productively. Not only that, the ingredients can help improve your mood.

Preserves Healthy Gut Flora

The prebiotic fiber content of mushrooms promotes the development of good bacteria in the digestive system. Simply adding a teaspoon to your coffee can improve your daily fiber intake. This can help fight constipation to help people obtain a healthy bowel movement.

Reduce Inflammation

Mushrooms have been used widely throughout history due to their therapeutic characteristics, and contemporary research reveals that they are rich in anti-inflammatory effects. Inflammation is the cause and symptom of various disorders, like stomach problems, joint pain, cognitive decline, etc. 

If your body is weak in antioxidants or critical nutrients, its capacity to monitor inflammation is impaired. It has been shown that Reishi, Cordyceps, Chaga, and Lion's Mane mushrooms all possess extraordinary anti-inflammatory properties

From athletes seeking recovery assistance to people with arthritis, this inflammation-fighting superfood may provide therapeutic advantages.

Maintain Healthy Blood Sugar

Mushroom coffee can help regulate blood sugar levels. Maitake mushrooms compete for digestive enzymes and reduce carbohydrate levels to decrease their absorption in the gut. To enhance blood sugar balance, try adding maitake powder to your coffee while consuming a high-carbohydrate meal. 

Mushroom coffee may be prepared with or without coffee and can enhance athletic performance, energy, and stamina even without its caffeine equivalent. Cordyceps, sometimes known as the "Olympic mushroom," is the star of the show in boosting energy levels. 

In 1993, members of the Chinese women's Olympic running squad smashed multiple world records at the Beijing national games. The ladies were suspected of doping, and the squad was tested for prohibited drugs. The crazy part is that nothing was detected from these athletes. The players attributed a cordyceps elixir for their extraordinary achievement and above-average performance.

Cordyceps have been found to increase ATP, adenosine triphosphate, the body's primary energy source. It also aids in delivering oxygen to all body regions, decreasing muscular weariness and enhancing stamina.

Reduces Cholesterol Absorption

Ergosterol is a sterol molecule found in mushroom cell walls. Ergosterol inhibited cholesterol absorption in the gut and enhanced cholesterol excretion from the GI tract. By adding the mushroom powder to your coffee, you acquire the ability to reduce cholesterol absorption. Maitake mushrooms are an essential ergosterol source.

Provides Immune Support

Mushrooms have evolved to become survival experts. These fungi predate all other terrestrial living forms, and their magic is stored inside the cell walls of their mycelium. Mushrooms used for medicinal purposes include beta-glucans, which have potent immune-boosting properties and can protect against bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens. 

Chaga is the true antioxidant powerhouse, reducing oxidative stress (which is also associated with skin aging), decreasing the formation of cancer cells, and even lowering total cholesterol.

Provides Antioxidants

Mushrooms with medicinal properties include antioxidants that protect against tissue damage caused by free radicals and oxidative stress. Chaga is rich in antioxidants that help neutralize free radicals. That means you can say goodbye to fine lines, wrinkles, and mutated cancer cells.  

How Does Mushroom Coffee Work?

Mushroom coffee is now trendy, although its origins date back to World War II when Finnish citizens substituted natural Chaga mushrooms for coffee. This was a popular commodity during the war. 

Since 2012, when Four Sigmatic, one of the most well-known mushroom coffee suppliers with Finnish founders, placed it back on the map, we've seen mushroom-filled cups all over Instagram. Fortunately, it provides many mental and physical advantages. 

There is a significant contrast between the Chaga used during the conflict and the mixes created by companies like Four Sigmatic and MudWtr that combine mushroom extracts for a warming beverage. 

Here is a summary of the most common medicinal mushrooms used in alternative coffee:

  • Lion's Mane for cognitive function and neurogenesis
  • Chaga for general health, immunity, and inflammation modulation
  • Reishi for immunity, pleasant sleep, and general relaxation
  • Cordyceps for enhanced athletic performance and energy

Final Thoughts

woman working on bed

With its unique flavor and beneficial properties, mushroom coffee is quickly becoming a popular hot beverage choice. Long-term regular consumption has been proven to reduce cholesterol, improve the immune system, and reduce inflammation in your body. That's why so many of us love it! 

The lowered amounts of caffeine still give you that morning pick-me-up without the jitters that regular coffee gives you. Try drinking mushroom coffee for an improved feeling today - say goodbye to shakes and nervousness and hello to better health! 

Don't delay; grab your bag of mushroom coffee today and take steps to incorporate this fun drink into your life. You're worth it!

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