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The Ultimate Relationship Advice for Women to Keep or Get the Man of Your Dreams

February 11, 2023
The Ultimate Relationship Advice for Women to Keep or Get the Man of Your Dreams

It’s hard to find a meaningful and lasting connection these days. Let's be real; relationships are not as easy as they seem in the movies. But it doesn't have to be that way! 

If you're reading this now, you've taken the first step and acknowledged that there is room for growth in your relationship. This article will provide some practical advice on how women can cultivate healthier, happier relationships with their partners and make lasting changes with simple daily habits. 

From understanding different communication styles to strengthening trust within a partnership - we'll go through everything you need to know about building strong bonds and gaining a deeper knowledge of yourself along the way.

So get comfortable – take notes if necessary – and let's dive into what it takes to master healthy relationships!

Have Your Own Life

You may be madly in love with him, but that doesn't mean you should stop living your own life. Oftentimes, I see girls who fall madly in love with a guy, and they give up their careers and hobbies just to be with him. They are afraid that if they don't devote their time to this man, they will lose him to another girl.

The truth is your individuality and interest in other things in life is what intrigues him. For example, my friend Eliza is an Italian fashion model who rocks runway shows. She met a guy named Ted and fell head over heels. Ted loves her to death, and they would often have hours of conversations on the phone. One day, she decided to quit her job as a fashion model and moved to Los Angeles with Ted. She took on a job as a waitress in La to be close to her man.

In 6 months, Ted broke off the relationship claiming that she was getting too dull and that there was not anything interesting about her anymore. He loved her in the past because she had her own life, but now she has given up everything for him, which has lost its appeal.

A guy is not worth abandoning your friends for. Don't take up golf or stop getting messages unless you want to. Have some individuality and your own personality. Because if you don't, the relationship will become boring and routine.

Don't Rush

Another piece of relationship advice for young women is to remember that love is like fine wine. Don't gulp it all at once, that's too bitter. You should savor it slowly and enjoy the aroma and taste.

You should not rush into things despite your desire to be in a relationship. The true delight is in the revealing. Before reaching the next level of intimacy, take the time to get to know one another. 

Forget about those one night stands, and focus on getting to know him. And give him a chance to learn about you. Let time provide you with the answer to whether he is the right one or not. When you eventually arrive, it will be much more enjoyable.

Don't Chase

Sadly, many women do this often. And you may not even be aware that you are doing it. "Chasing" may take on many forms, including stalker-like behavior, such as phoning him one hundred times daily. Or, it might be more subtle, such as always initiating the contact (meaning that you are more interested than he is).

The act of pursuing is a turnoff for guys. Let him chase you. So why am I suggesting this? Think about the Ivy Leagues, like Harvard and Yale. Everyone wants to go there even though their education system is similar to other regular universities. It's the competition that gives people the thrill and excitement of putting themselves in debt.

It's the same thing as dating. Guys are born hunters, and they live off of hunting. Let him chase to quench his desire to hunt. Don't call him; let him call you. You don't see Harvard chasing students to get in. So stay busy and enjoy your life. You want him to believe that you have other options and can easily be snatched away. After all, guys are competitive by nature, and they thrive off it, so why not let his imagination run wild? He will respect you more, knowing that you are the trophy that everyone is competing for.

Embrace Him As He Is

Avoid falling in love with a guy based on his potential. You want to connect with someone in their current state. This is a technique to learn how to be an emotionally better girlfriend.

Even though he may seem like a guy who will become successful and diligent, what if anything, such as disease or handicap, prevents him from doing so? Would you still love him?

He may seem ambitious because of a startup he created, but what if the startup fails? Do you still love him?

In a relationship, it is essential for a woman to realize that her partner is not her project. Ensure you choose someone you adore as they are.

Respect Yourself

woman looking at herself in front of the mirror

So many women say they can't find the ideal spouse or only attract guys who treat them poorly. Most likely, you do not love yourself enough. You can only draw the amount of affection you have for yourself.

Think about it, let's say a guy came into your life and treated you horribly. If you lack self-respect, you will forgive him constantly. You may fear that he will leave you and that you will lose your chance in love. That is why women with insecurities tend to attract the worst partner.

However, if you have respect for yourself, you let him go. You know that you deserve the best and that the best is waiting for you. You will not tolerate anything less. That is why women with confidence and security tend to have loving partners.

Consider all your positive attributes and resolve to appreciate yourself just as you are right now. If you love yourself, you will take care of yourself instinctively. This is attempting to maintain a healthy lifestyle, obtain sufficient rest, receive massages, escape a bubble bath, or attend a ladies night out. You must nourish your spirit in ways other than your relationship, or you will have nothing left to contribute.

Don't Assume He is Psychic

A piece of relationship advice for women is to stop those unreasonable expectations of your mate. The worst mistake is assuming your spouse can read your mind and should "just know" whether you are furious, hungry, exhausted, or unhappy about something that occurred at work.

Even the most perceptive guy cannot know what you are thinking. Utilize your communication abilities to articulate your emotions. It will make things simpler, and you won't carry animosity because your partner didn't know you wanted spaghetti instead of pizza for supper.

Healthy Body and Mind

Spend time and money on yourself because your body and mind are expressions of your health. Your guy is emotionally and physically tied to you; therefore, it is vital to keep your physical and mental health by paying attention to their proper functioning. 

On average, women gain 15 pounds when they are in a relationship. You are always out with your man experiencing new cuisines. So it does make sense, but that doesn't mean you should let yourself go. 

Eat nutritious foods and integrate exercise into your daily routine. Take time to engage in activities that provide spiritual nourishment and mental stimulation. This will keep you looking and feeling good about yourself. Plus, it keeps your man on his toes, if you know what I mean.

Avoid Becoming a People Pleaser

Women often feel that if they satisfy others, they will instantly adore them. This is the farthest thing from the truth! Many individuals will exploit you if you offer too much of yourself. Instead, seek a balance between selflessness and selfishness.

For example, if you love Rom Coms and he loves football, then compromise. Don't watch football all the time because he loves it. You should split it 50/50. 

Please your companion, but ensure that they also satisfy you. Relationships are bidirectional, not one-directional.

Perform Periodic Mental Health Examinations

Are you joyful when you're with him, or do you return from dates feeling worried or angry? Are You happy when you think about him? Does he belittle you, your job, and your interests, or does he appreciate them?

Most importantly, does he appreciate you and the contributions you make to his life? Do you appreciate him and the contributions he makes to your life?

Express Yourself

When I say "speak your thoughts," I intend to do it calmly and kindly. You should not repress your unpleasant (or good) feelings. Let them go.

Discuss with your spouse any issues you are experiencing. Try to see yourself as a team and work together to address the challenges. You deserve to be treated with dignity and heard.

Break Up If You Need To

If you feel that your attempts to enhance your relationship are not fruitful, do not put off the inevitable. Yes, being alone might seem frightening initially, but it is better to be alone than to be in a relationship that saps your joy and vitality.

In learning how to be a nice woman to a man, you don't want to realize when you're fifty or sixty years old that you spent your love on a man who never valued what you had to give. So kick those relationship deal breakers away and live your life.

Don't Dodge Difficulties

No one really likes confrontation. Perhaps there are a few individuals that do, but the vast majority do not. Consequently, people often enter a state of avoidance. This does not work.

If you ignore issues for decades, they will eventually mount up. Then, after 25 years, you will wake up and be unable to sift through them since they have accumulated for so long.

Don't be Needy

Being independent is similar to the earlier relationship advice for women about independence. Yes, guys prefer to feel needed. He enjoys being handed a jar to unscrew for you. However, they dislike it when you are dependent.

Please avoid the impulse to constantly contact him by text, email, and phone. Leave some distance between you and him, particularly if the relationship is very new. A proper amount of distance is one of the most essential aspects of a relationship for males.

Those times when he is thinking about you and wondering what you are doing are when all the magic takes place. If you provide him with continuous updates, he will have no room for speculation. Numerous individuals fail to adhere to this key connection and love advice.

Get That Respect

When I say "demand," I do not mean to stamp your foot and demand anything in a diva-like manner. In other words, you must think that you deserve to be treated with respect at all times, as does everyone else.

But here's the catch: in order to get respect, you must first offer it. Therefore, being polite sets the stage for nothing but courteous behavior in return.

Expect Realistic Results

Every relationship has difficult times. It is erroneous to believe that marital dispute is damaging and should be avoided at all costs.

The fact is that during difficult times, you and your spouse will have the chance to strengthen your connection by talking and resolving whatever circumstance is straining your relationship.

It is crucial for a woman seeking relationship counseling to retain a solid connection with her spouse to work equally hard to preserve relationship contentment.

Therefore, the best relationship advice for women would successfully navigate the turbulent seas of a relationship with their guy. Don't be afraid of relationship obstacles and work together.

Talk About Gender Roles

man and woman lay

In recent decades, gender roles have grown less distinct. No longer does everyone assume that the male would be the breadwinner and the wife will remain at home to raise the children. But you should still talk about them.

For example, some guys prefer to pay the bills, while others want to split it 50/50. My boyfriend likes to pay the tab on our dinner dates, but he prefers the rent to be split 50/50. It's based on preferences, and everyone is different. So it's vital to have these conversations.

Currently, it is necessary to have dialogues about each partner's gender role expectations inside the relationship.

Don't Settle

Everyone dreads being alone. Probably because they lack sufficient self-love to fight for what they deserve. They choose "Mr. Good Enough for Now." Then, people become unhappy within a short period of time.

This often happens when you turn thirty, and you realize the biological clock is ticking, so you just hunt whatever is in front of you. Then you regret your decision after having three kids. 

Don't settle; wait for the right guy to come. After all, medicine has advanced to the point that women in their mid-forties can conceive.

Compromise is Crucial

Compromise is essential, particularly during a dispute! Consider the problem's long-term impact while you're arguing with your spouse; is it worth the stress right now? If the disagreement is about something little in the broad scheme of things (as opposed to, for instance, the purchase of a boat), then compromise is the ideal answer.

Consider a compromise as the "third alternative." Your spouse has a proposal, you have one, and the compromise is a reasonable combination of the two. Try to be as compassionate as possible with one another and discuss all available solutions. Even if you aren't completely pleased with the result, your partner will appreciate your sacrifice in the long run.

Let Him Take Charge

man bringing woman flowers

Just as it is essential to avoid becoming reliant, it is also possible to be too independent. There is a narrow line for women between being strong and independent-minded and being willing to let their spouse take the lead. 

Even though gender roles in heterosexual partnerships are more variable than ever, most men still like it when a woman makes them feel masculine in some way.

Even if you are a strong, independent woman, there is no harm in sometimes letting him open the car door, pull out the chair, or pay the restaurant bill.

Let Him Be

Show that you value his opinion on matters that might damage your relationship, but avoid attempting to change him.

Women are known for attempting to alter their male partners. They believe things such as, "If I can get him to shed 30 pounds, he will be more handsome." Or, "I'll be content if I can only get him to quit playing video games." Or, "Once we're married, he'll undergo a positive transformation."

You shouldn't be with him if you don't like his personality AS IT IS RIGHT NOW, without any alterations. Period. Because he is essentially unchangeable. It simply won't work.

Educate Him on How to Treat You

So, if, early in the relationship, he begins to shout at you when he's furious, you must gently correct him by expressing, "I don't like you yelling at me. I deserve to be addressed with courtesy. Until you do so, I will refrain from continuing this dialogue." If you do nothing, the situation will only worsen.

Become The Person You Want to Attract

If you do not love and respect yourself, you will attract a partner who does not love and respect you. All of it begins with self-love. You cannot beat yourself up symbolically and expect others to treat you like royalty. Believe me, people will notice this. When you love and respect yourself, you will attract the relationship you want.

Here's another way of looking at it. Parents always want their daughters to date a man with a high salary, so they can take care of them. Now as a woman, it makes sense to want these things because it shows that the man can provide for you. However, it also indicates you are looking for a partner that has what you are lacking in life. 

Now instead of marrying that handsome millionaire, why not become the millionaire yourself. When you become that CEO or millionaire, you can easily attract that person.

Don't Be Jealous

Your unwillingness to share your guy is reasonable. However, there is a narrow line between wanting him for yourself and being too possessive and jealous. These characteristics are oppressive and often repel males.

Instead, focus on improving your self-assurance, so you don't have to worry about losing him. If you have trouble trusting him, let him know and provide a solution.

For example, if there's a female colleague that your boyfriend is always with, and you feel uncomfortable about it, then talk to him. Let him know that you understand it's a working relationship, but you still feel uncomfortable. Let him know why you feel this way. If the female colleague is constantly hugging your man or touching him in a way that makes you uncomfortable, then voice your concerns. Let him know that he needs to set boundaries. He needs to talk to that girl and let her know those constant hugs and flirting will not do. If your man is serious about the relationship, he will make changes for you.

Final Thoughts

After years of dating and relationships research, I have found that women's number one relationship mistake is rushing into things. They meet a guy they like and immediately start planning the future. This might work out sometimes, but more often than not, it ends in heartache. 

If you want to improve your relationship and chance of finding love, take your time early on. Get to know him as a person before you get too invested emotionally. And most importantly, learn to love yourself first. 

Until you're happy with who you are, chasing after someone else will only lead to disappointment. Try following these simple tips next time you see someone new and see how much better your relationships can be!


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