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What Should I Do Today

February 24, 2023
What Should I Do Today

Are you feeling lost and aimless, unsure of what to do with your precious day? Fear not, adventurer! You're not alone in this quest for excitement and purpose. 

With countless ideas waiting to be discovered, it's time to seize the day and make it one for the books! No more endless scrolling or mindless videos – it's time to get up, get out, and do something unforgettable! 

Whether you're an indoor enthusiast or an outdoor explorer, we have the perfect activities to satisfy your thirst for adventure. So let's dive in and discover the ultimate way to make the most of your day!

Go to a Concert

Even if your friends don't want to attend, you should get a ticket to see your favorite musician if they are performing in your area. Watching a concert by yourself lets you customize the evening to your preferences.

Do you like sitting or standing? Do you want to see the opening performance or prefer to come late in style? A huge advantage is that you may lose yourself in the music without worrying about anybody else.

Do Yoga

This weekend, nothing more benefits your mind and body than practicing yoga for an hour or two. Register for a local class or use an online yoga video to practice in the comfort of your own home.

Remember, yoga is also good for your bowels. So if you are constipated, try some poses today.


If you want to combine fitness with enjoyment, consider gardening. Gardening is beneficial for the health and the psyche. It is physically difficult since you must pick weeds, place dirt, and water your plants. If you have never gardened before, you may begin on a modest scale.

After laying down cardboard to kill the grass underneath, you can cover the space with straw, dirt, and compost. If you want to start small, you might get a planter and fill it with dirt. You may cultivate flowers, herbs, vegetables, and fruits via gardening. You can also plant ivy, trees, or dense shrubs to create a natural privacy screen for your outdoor area.

You may save money on groceries by cultivating your own herbs, fruits, and veggies. Another advantage of gardening is that anybody can participate. Even if you live in an apartment without a yard, some plants may flourish in tiny pots that need just a modest amount of light.

Examine an Old Photograph Album

This is very entertaining for elderly relatives. Request to look at picture albums with your parents or grandparents the next time you visit. Inquire about the individuals in the photographs and listen to many accompanying anecdotes.

Visit a Museum

Nothing is worse than wanting to peruse a museum or gallery at your own speed, but feeling pressured because someone keeps asking, "When are we leaving?" The benefit of traveling alone is that you can establish your own schedule and go straight to the galleries that interest you, rather than wasting time on art you have little or no interest in to make someone else happy. Not to add, you might welcome inspiration in those times of solitude and focus on acquiring new information.

Compile a Playlist

Given how simple music streaming companies have made playlist curation, why not construct a playlist with a particular person in mind?

You might create a playlist based on a road trip with your closest buddy, one for your significant other with songs that remind you of them, or one for your parents that includes all of the great rock songs they listened to when you were a child.

It's a beautiful way to let a friend or loved one know you were thinking about them! And it's enjoyable to listen to music while imagining who might appreciate it.


If you are creative or artistic, you may want to try your hand at woodworking.

Woodworking is a very ancient art. Its origins date back to the time of the cavemen and women. They fashioned wood to suit their purposes, as does the contemporary carpenter.

Although some expert woodworkers have pricey tools and equipment, you can start with only wood and a chisel. While it may take longer, it is the most economical option.

One of the beautiful things about woodworking is that it can be used for both artistic and practical reasons. You may create ornamental signs, toys, and other trinkets. Also, you can create furniture, wooden cutlery, and other things.

Woodworking is gratifying since you can see the tangible results of your labor.

Seeing YouTube videos of expert artisans may provide free instruction.

You can also enroll in courses at a local leisure center or vocational school. You can begin selling your handiwork as you perfect your abilities and gain experience.

Try a New Fitness Class

woman in fitness class

Not having a workout partner does not exclude you from taking that class you've been eyeing for weeks. Whether it's spinning or dancing, you can burn some calories and have so much fun. And the best part is that you probably won't know anybody there, so you can sweat to your heart's content without being judged. Independent exercise lets you concentrate on your objectives and abilities, picking fitness sessions based on what you want to accomplish.

Attempt Gratitude Journaling

Even at the most challenging times in life, there is plenty for which to be thankful. A thankfulness diary may help you focus on what you appreciate in any particular season.

Here are a few instructions to get you started:

  • What are five things for which you are thankful today?
  • Consider anything good someone did for you lately, and write a paragraph describing how it made you feel.
  • Who makes you feel at ease, and with whom do you love spending time?
  • Which dish is your favorite and why?
  • Describe a moment when you felt the happiest you ever have.

Chalk Drawing

If you had chalk as a youngster, you know how entertaining it can be. With colored chalk, your creativity is the only limit to what you may create on your driveway or sidewalk.

Chalk isn't just for children; professional chalk painters also create extraordinary chalk paintings with great skill. As chalk deteriorates with time, their drawings are much older. They are never intended to last.

It means you always have access to a blank canvas. Using chalk to draw is also an excellent technique to reconnect with one's inner kid. When you begin to sketch, you may recall happy recollections from your past. You may include your children in your creative idea if you have them.

Everyone is welcome to spend time outside drawing on the driveway or sidewalk. You can turn it into a regular activity by assigning a theme to each sketching day. You can even create an entire city for your youngsters to drive their toy automobiles through.

You can always sketch inside if you lack a cemented driveway or sidewalk. Several chalkboards are available for purchase that you may use as your medium. Connecting with one's origins or spending time with one's children might be facilitated by drawing with chalk.

Go Kayaking

There is just enough room for one person on a kayak, making them ideal for solitary explorers. Whether you're new to kayaking and want to attempt a trial session or are a seasoned kayaker, time spent in a kayak may do wonders for your peace of mind. It is one of those activities that allow you to appreciate nature without causing any harm to it.

Create a Club

If you like reading or listening to music, ask a couple of your friends if they want to form a club with you. Alternate between selecting music to listen to and books to read. Then, debate them with others.

Want to specialize? Here are some inventive club formation suggestions:

  • Harry Potter support group
  • Love Poem society
  • Travel reading group
  • Tea and music that provokes thought
  • World religions reading group


One of the finest things you can do if you need to spend some money is to shop at local establishments. It is also an excellent method to explore urban places. You may learn that it provides chances and activities you were unaware of.

Local companies are dependent on local clients for survival. Some may have the potential to work in an online environment, although it is likely to be restricted.

Large firms absorb most of the customer base, leaving small company owners battling to survive. Neighborhood businesses are your neighbors. They belong to your community.

If you want to help your town, you should shop at local companies. You never know what you could uncover with local shopping. You may discover your new novelty store or antique business. This is an excellent activity since it takes you out of the home and into the downtown area. Supporting local businesses is a terrific place to begin if you want to try something entertaining.


Solo travel is unquestionably a fascinating activity one can partake in. A solo journey is one of the most enlightening life experiences; satisfy your desire and plan one. No matter where you go or what you do when traveling, the only thing that counts is creating lasting memories and seeking authentic experiences.

Create a Collection of Quotes

 Make a note on your phone with your favorite quotations, and add to it as you discover more. Here is a compilation of inspirational quotations to get you started:  120 Daily Positive Affirmations for Happiness (backed by Science!) Also, you may record the funny things you and your friends say. Sometimes, browse over the quotations with your pals and reminisce about amusing moments.

Go Watch a Movie

No interruptions, no criticism, and most importantly, nobody to share the popcorn with. If you and your friends cannot choose a movie to see, you should view it on your own. Put aside any concerns that your selection may have bored others. Why pass up a film that you would have enjoyed? It's not like you'd be able to converse throughout the film anyhow, plus you're more likely to obtain a better seat as the best rows are almost usually empty.

Make Popsicles

Check your refrigerator for any fruits or vegetables that need to be consumed. Mix them like a smoothie, then pour them into popsicle molds for later consumption.

If you do not have a popsicle form, pour the smoothie into tiny cups and cover the top with plastic wrap. Next, insert a popsicle stick through the plastic wrap and freeze the glass.

Extreme Sports

If you force yourself out of your comfort zone, you may as well attempt skydiving or another extreme activity. With your adrenaline levels up, you will be suddenly ripped from your own thoughts. Whether you pick skydiving or bungee jumping, the goal is to get your heart pumping and give you the confidence to tackle anything.

Volunteer At An Animal Shelter

woman and dog

Individuals seeking a meaningful way to spend their time can visit your local animal shelter. Several animal shelters in the United States need volunteers and materials. Given that these shelters care for stray animals who have been abandoned by civilization, it is worthwhile to volunteer whenever possible.

One of the nicest aspects of volunteering at an animal shelter is that, despite the strenuous nature of the labor, there are less urgent concerns to worry about.

Unless you are a veterinarian, you do not have to bother about animal care beyond giving them medicine. At most, you will assist with feeding, playing with, bathing, and comforting them.

If a customer comes in hoping to adopt, you may assist them in finding the ideal pet for their household. Particularly dogs and animals at a shelter may feel abandoned or neglected.

They must stay in their cages or enclosures when not engaged in play. Some of them even came from households in which they were abused. By volunteering at an animal shelter, you assist the organization and provide the animals with an opportunity to experience safety and affection.

Volunteering at an animal shelter is an excellent opportunity for animal lovers and community-minded individuals.

Making Each Day Count

Life is too short to be stuck in a rut. Every day comes with limitless possibilities, enough to shake us out of the mundane and set us on an exciting journey filled with adventure and joy. 

Sometimes just one small action can make all the difference, whether watching a movie or volunteering at your local animal shelter. Whatever you decide to do today, remind yourself of its lasting significance. Decide to go beyond the ordinary and dare to try something new that involves taking risks and testing your limits.

Make every second of this day meaningful; cherish each opportunity and have an open mind no matter what comes your way. With so many adventures waiting for you, what are you waiting for? Seize the moment and make each day count!

Dr. Hilda Wong, MD

My name is Dr. Hilda Wong, MD, graduated from Avalon University School of Medicine. I have over 5 years of medical externship experience and a published researcher on PubMed. I'm also a health and nutrition enthusiast and have written several blogs and magazines in these areas. Forgot to mention that I own a Toy Australian Shepherd and a Betta Fish, and have an amazing zest for life, fashion, health, nutrition, and pets.

Dr. Hilda Wong, MD